Why Choose Our In Home Support Services?

The Sun Health Care Transitions Difference

Sun Health Care Transitions (SHCT) is uniquely focused on providing patients with the in home support services, education and tools they need to confidently manage an active role in managing their health at home after a hospital stay. Unlike most of the current approaches available, SHCT was strategically designed to address not only the condition the patient was hospitalized for but to focus on the patient’s chronic health conditions that often lead to readmission.

SHCT success starts with our team consists of experienced registered nurses, LPN’s, a social worker and a patient care coordinator. Each member of our team work is highly trained to work with individual patients, helping them understand and self-monitor health issues and chronic diseases, assisting with medication management and follow-up care and reducing any social deterrents that could impact physical conditions.

In addition to our staff, other differentiators and benefits of Sun Health Care Transitions include:

  • Home Visits: An in-home consultation is scheduled within 72 hours of discharge. This allows patients to feel comfortable in their own surroundings with the support of a spouse or family member. Patients are more attentive and retain more information in their home. It also gives the provider a sense of the home environment, medication regimen and the need for support services.
  • Access Social Determinants: When in the home, our nurses are trained to evaluate any potential barriers to recovery such as social determinants of health. Is the environment clean? Is the patient able to afford their medication? Are there any fall hazards? These are just some of the many determinants our team looks for. Our social worker may be called if there is anything in the home that presents a danger to the patient. Many programs don’t afford their staff members the ability to be in the home to ensure it’s a place that will promote health and healing.
  • Medication Risk Assessment: During home visits, the nurse reviews and evaluates all medication being taken and educates the patient on how they should be taken and potential side effects. Also, they are trained to identify any potential medication interactions and will immediately contact the patient’s health care provider.
  • Follow-up with patient’s doctors: In the event of a change to a patient’s health situation, our nurses communicate directly with the patient’s physician and/or specialists to make them aware of any further health issues.
  • Development of Proprietary Educational Materials: SHCT has spent a lot of time developing it’s own educational materials around chronic disease and the most common conditions we see in the senior population. They are very effective educational resources to both our clients and their patients.

Sun Health Care Transitions is uniquely focused on providing patients and family caregivers with the skills, confidence, and tools they need to assert a more active role in their health care.