Lowest Readmission Rates in the Country

The SHCT program’s readmission rates were among the lowest of all programs that took part in the demonstration project. In fact, SHCT was the only program invited to present its findings at the CMS Quality Conference, held in Baltimore in December 2016.

The SHCT program has won over many patients too. A recent survey showed that 99 percent of patients surveyed would recommend the program to others. Results also indicate that patients grew measurably more confident that they can manage their health conditions during and after the SHCT program.

Patients Seeing the Value


Patients were surveyed on their overall experience with SH Care Transitions nursing staff including nurses knowledge, caring and concern, communication and educational materials provided.

Increasing Patients’ Confidence


Patients were asked to rate their confidence level in managing their health conditions before participating the SH Care Transitions program and then after going through the program.

Statement 1: I am confident that I possess knowledge needed to care for my current conditions(s)

Statement 2: I am confident that I possess skills needed to care for my current condition(s)
Statement 3: I am confident that I could recognize changes in my current health condition(s)
Statement 4: I am confident that I could take the appropriate action when I identify changes in my health condition(s)

Reducing 30-Day Readmissions


This graph compares the readmission rates of SH Care Transitions to the Medicare average and other participants in the CMS (Medicare) Community-based Care Transitions demonstration program.
Expected Readmissions 2466 patients, but actual readmissions are only 1039 patients. This is a 57.8% reduction.

Saving Medicare Dollars


This graph demonstrates the Medicare dollars saved due to the success of SH Care Transitions program in reducing readmissions.

Continued Impact Up to 90 Days


In this graph, the yellow bars depict the 60-day and 90-day readmission rates of patients that went through the SH Care Transitions program, while the blue bars depict the readmission rates of patients who did not go through the program The patients who went through our program showed continued improvement and over the course of 90 days.