Pam’s Road to Recovery

When Pam Thompson decided to have a hip replacement, she knew what would help get her through the recovery: Sun Health Care Transitions.

Designed to help patients transition successfully from the hospital to home, Care Transitions was key to her mother’s successful recovery. As her mother’s primary caregiver, Pam never forgot how the program gave her peace of mind when her mother was released from the hospital years earlier. So Pam planned ahead and factored the program into her own road back to health.

“It was a very good experience for the whole month I was home (recuperating),” she said.

Nurse Marianne Del Debbio visited Pam at her home. Together, they reviewed Pam’s care plan, including her medications and presented her with a binder containing useful medical information about her condition with tips for a successful recovery.

“Having a home visit and being able to talk to someone face-to-face was extremely important for me as a patient,” Pam said. “When you come out (of the hospital) you’re really confused. You think you’ve been listening to everything that the doctor is telling you and you think that you’ve got it right, but when you come back home the reality is there’s so many things you did not absorb.”

“That’s where the binder became good guidance,” she said.

Pam also appreciated knowing that Marianne was just a phone call away, until her follow up appointment with her physician.

When Pam was having difficulty with painkillers, she called Marianne. They discussed the importance of taking food with medication to stave off nausea. Marianne also suggested that Pam call her physician if her symptoms persisted. Following the advice to eat first, Pam felt much better.

“It was really good to have someone with whom to talk through my issues and concerns,” she said.

Sun Health Care Transitions is offered to community members at no charge through the generosity of Sun Health Foundation donors. Pam is grateful for the wide range of programs and services offered by Sun Health – from educational classes to Care Transitions, to raising funds for health care causes.

“People are always looking for legitimate places to donate,” Pam said. “I’m constantly telling others what a blessing Sun Health’s programs are in helping to improve the health and wellbeing of community members. And, what’s even more impressive to me about Sun Health is that all of the dollars raised stay in the community.”

Sun Health Care Transitions is uniquely focused on providing patients and family caregivers with the skills, confidence, and tools they need to assert a more active role in their health care.