Care Transitions Testimonials

“Everyone was very helpful to me. They were willing to take time to discuss and explain things to me and they made sure I understood! Very important as I have very bad hearing and they accommodated me.”


”The nurse gave me information that the hospital didn’t give me. Plus she was not in a hurry and I felt she listened to my concerns and offer me help.”


”It was very informative and helpful. They went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable.”


“I enjoyed them coming to my home and spending considerable time with me making great suggestions and recommendations with great follow up! Wonderful program!”


”It was so nice to have someone call to see how I was feeling and if I needed help or if I had questions.”


”I appreciated that you were willing to call me and take time for just me. Liked the one on one.”


”The visit at home to reinforce the instructions given in the hospital. The material left for me was very helpful.”


”Excellent follow up phone calls and outstanding personal care record book.”


“Everyone I spoke to on the phone was very kind and professional. It is reassuring to know I can call and they can advise me”

“Understanding what to expect after surgery boosted my ability to take care of myself.”


“What I liked most about the program was knowing specific signs to watch for and having the availability to call the Care Transitions team if needed.”


“The nurse that came out was so helpful and explained a lot more information about strokes- the binder has been so helpful.”


“I live alone and it gave me the confidence that someone would be there for me.”


“The Program helped me to understand how to care for myself, what to watch for following a hospital stay.” “It was great to have an extra set of eyes evaluating my conditions and the weekly phone checkups”


What I liked best was the program itself with human contact. A very good program to help me through after such a serious surgery.”


“I think Sun Health Care Transitions does a great job by putting the patient at ease because you are so knowledgeable on everything.”


“I liked how the nurse went over my medication list and what each medicine was for and how to take them.”


“You have the best nurses and the best support staff in your offices. All I can say is Thank you!!”

“The nurses had knowledge and expertise in the areas of my questions and concerns providing me with excellent answers, education and resources.”


“Staff were all very responsive with excellent knowledge about medical conditions”


“Staff not only answered our questions, but explained so we could understand and move forward to be healthier. “


“It’s great to have someone follow up on your home care and progress. My deepest thanks to everyone I spoke with.”


“It gave me a feeling of confidence during a time of emotional and physical dependency.”


“Personal interest & interaction. Professionalism; usable help & well explained. Should follow EVERY patient over 65 in every hospital and care center all over USA. Would save millions!”


“I love the informative and useful binder provided for me. I take it to all my doctors appointments.”


“It was a good feeling to have competent nurses to help in the transition from hospital to home. Also to know you call them at any time.”


“The teamwork was exceptional. Coordinated care was evident.”