Reducing Hospital Readmissions: Our Outcomes Speak Volumes

Our successful reductions of hospital readmissions can be found in our outcomes. Our program’s readmission rate is 7.81%, which is demonstrably lower than the Medicare average readmission rate of 17.8%.

Want to learn more about how our program can benefit your patients, reduce your readmission rate and lower your healthcare spend?

The program, which usually lasts approximately 30 days following a hospital discharge, can be tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

This includes modifying certain aspects of the program such as the number of visits and/or phone calls, along with the opportunity for a longer intervention which could continue up to 90 days.

What our patients are saying

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“To have someone to talk with about your specific situation is immeasurable. A friend is what is needed at these times and you provided it.”

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“I am so pleased to know that we have such a caring, loving helpful organization benefitting those of us who are recently discharged from a hospital.”

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“Your kindness and caring touched my heart so much that I felt moved to show my appreciation.  Thank you all so very much for all you do.”

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“The nurses I talked to were all very kind and concerned. They explained in a way I could understand when I needed to know something.”

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“What I liked most about the program was knowing specific signs to watch for and having the availability to call the Care Transitions team if needed.”

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“I think Sun Health Care Transitions does a great job by putting the patient at ease because you are so knowledgeable on everything.”

About Sun Health Care Transitions

Sun Health Care Transitions, an evidence-based program, was created to assist people during the critical period in their home following an inpatient hospitalization. This unique program is designed as a turn-key solution for any provider that requires assistance in reducing avoidable readmissions through in-home patient engagement, education and coaching by our highly skilled team of nurses and clinical staff.